The Brainstorm Room

Genius begins here

Send your child through the doors into a place full of wonder, exploration, fun, and development. The Brainstorm Room is fully stocked with robots, a SMART Board, comfortable chairs, and the opportunity to ignite brilliant ideas.

We've created an environment perfect for children ages five to eight. Since kids in this age range are likely too young to type, we provide a touch-sensitive screen they can use to program the LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots. They touch the SMART Board on the wall and send instructions to the robot on the table. What a cool way to make things happen!

Your child will have the space needed to design, build, and operate their own creations. The tabletop can be covered with special mats. These surfaces come complete with lines that robots can follow, colors that they can see, and directions they can read. Students program their creations to interact with the markings on the table. The same interaction is often used by industrial machinery in everyday life. Great Minds Robotics presents the concepts behind this interaction to children in a fun-sized and engaging package. Students give the robots commands, watch as they carry them out, and experience the joy of understanding why it all happens. Gratification just beams from their faces. It's awesome.

The Brainstorm Room is the perfect place to start a life packed with programming, engineering, critical thinking, teamwork, and fun. Introduce your child to this perfect place. Enroll them at Great Minds Robotics today.