The Robotics Lab

You've seen those amazing classrooms in science fiction movies - now see where the directors got their ideas

Imagine a learning environment so advanced that it looks like a top-secret facility. It's got everything you expect and more: Custom-built conference tables. Comfortable chairs. Monitors that mechanically elevate to reveal engineering workspace. Wireless mice and keyboards. Bluetooth technology. Even a SMART Board that communicates with every other board, computer, and robot in our learning center. This is a place where things happen.

Now imagine the look on your child's face when they realize this is the place they get to experience once or even twice a week.

Great Minds Robotics has gone to great lengths to build a class room that excels in both form and function. Our Robotics Lab maximizes the use of available space. It features twelve powerful programming stations that transform into enough space for twelve students to engineer their own robots.

The Robotics Lab came from imagining the best place to learn the concepts of object-oriented programming and mechanical engineering. We have turned our imagination into an awesome reality. Give your child the gift of this reality. Enroll them at Great Minds Robotics today.