Account Hold Policy

No charge for skipped months of classes due to planned extended absence with prior arrangement and pre-payment

We understand you may need to take extended leave of absence from your classes during travel and other family events. To make this process as flexible and as easy as possible, we established this account hold policy:

  • You must commit to resuming your classes with a non-refundable pre-payment. During extended planned absence, we can keep your spot in class for up to 60 calendar days when you pay in full for your next month of classes. Such payment is non-refundable.

    For instance, if you're traveling for two months in the summer - say, June and July - we ask that you make a non-refundable payment for August prior to your trip in order for us to keep your spot.

    If you fail to resume classes at the beginning of the month you pre-paid for, the payment will be forfeited and you will be disenrolled from our program, regardless of circumstances. Any accumulated make-up sessions will be forfeited, and cannot be re-instated if you re-enroll at a later time. See our Missed Classes Make-up Policy for details.
  • Account hold is limited to 60 days per rolling 12 months. Our curriculum is quite rigorous; extended absence is a serious setback to learning for a child. We determined through years of experience that a break beyond a 2-months period in any consecutive 12 months is such a serious setback, we would prefer to disenroll the student until such time that their availability matches the time requirements of our program. For this reason, account hold is allowed for a maximum of 60 days in preceding 365 days.

    For instance, if you placed your account on hold during the months of June and July, you may not place your account on hold again until the following June.
  • We save your child's work while you're away. We will save your child's robotics / electronics set, computer user account, and programs, while your account is on hold.
  • We keep your current price level while you're away. While our program is month-to-month in terms of commitment, we certainly appreciate your loyalty. For this reason, it is our policy to not raise prices for our existing customers, until they are disenrolled. If there is an increase in our monthly fee while your account is on hold, this price increase will not affect you.
  • You may not attend any classes or take make-up sessions while your account is on hold. Placing your account on hold means that you are not an active student at our center for the entire duration of the hold. As explained in our Missed Classes Make-up Policy, we cannot apply make-up classes for inactive students.
  • Account hold is not available for students that have not attended our program continuously for at least six full months. Learning takes time and repeated application of learned concepts. It is extremely difficult, and in most cases impossible, for a beginner to retain learned concepts without consistently attending classes. Our experience shows that students who take extended breaks within the first six months of learning are unable to retain what they learned to any demonstrable degree. For this reason, it is our policy to disenroll any student taking extended absence within the first six months of their participation in our program, until their availability truly allows them to learn robotics and programming.
  • Account hold is not available to competition team members. We cover this in more detail during initial team orientation for team members and parents; to summarize, participation on one of our teams is a very serious commitment. Extended absence is simply incongruent with such commitment. For more details, see our Missed Classes Make-up Policy

We find this policy to be flexible and fair. If you have a question regarding this policy that is not addressed, please call us at 818-292-8008 or email us.