Object-Oriented Programming and Mechanical Engineering for Kids

Now your child can learn robotics, computer programming, and mechanical engineering by playing with some of the coolest toys on the planet

If your kids are into things like football, dance, or karate, it's pretty easy to find a place to sign them up. If your son or daughter has that special light in their eyes when it comes to computers and advanced technology, you've likely noticed that it's harder to find an outlet. We have something awesome in mind for them.
We are Great Minds Robotics, a fully equipped, cutting-edge learning center where students in grades K though 12 can discover and absorb the concepts of real-world robotics, object oriented programming, and mechanical engineering while having unmatched fun. We teach great minds how to develop critical thinking skills, build confidence, and work as a professional team.

If your children are truly interested and continue learning all we have to offer, they will graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to compete for employment as a Junior Web or Application Developer and more.

We instruct our robotics classes with a combination of technology, equipment, and course material that is not available anywhere else.

Children K-12

Do you have a Great Minds child?

Here is one way to find out

Think about the questions your child asks you every day. If a lot of them sound like these:

  • "Mom? How does a robot know how to build a car?"
  • "Dad? How can sprinklers tell when it's raining?"
  • "Mom? Can robots learn to play soccer?"
  • "Dad? Can machines see? Can they see in the dark?"

...Great Minds Robotics is perfect for you child.