Your Feedback

Read what students, parents, and others are saying about Great Minds Robotics.

The positive response to what we are doing here just blows us away. Whenever a student or parent says something cool about their experience at our learning center, we ask them to elaborate. Sometimes a comment about one of our videos or blog posts is just awesome. All testimonials below were sparked by such comments.

Jennifer G.

My son has improved drastically in math, science and critical thinking. He joined the program when he was 8 years old. He started out building and programming robots using visual language and now (10 months later) he is using typed language, RobotC, and gets to program not only physical robots but also virtual! He is always eager to go to his class. Great Minds has very small class size and several instructors per class. Each kid gets all the attention he/she needs. I highly recommend this amazing program! There's nothing else out there just like this!

Anat F.

My son loves Great Mind Robotics. He has fallen in love with learning how to program. We love to see the pride on his face when he accomplishes a mission with a robot he designed, built and programmed. How fantastic to find an activity that is not only fun, but also is clearly expanding his mind. What makes it even better is how caring, positive and instructive Stan, Anna and the team are with the kids.

Spencer Haberman (15 years old)

Building Robots is so much fun. Getting to program my robot to do what I want is even better. I am having so much fun that I had to have my own robot at home to play with. My programming skills are getting better with each try. Even my math skills are starting to improve.