Summer and Winter Programs

Fun and engaging projects, designed for our students.

Our summer and winter programs combine the fun and excitement of a traditional summer camp with the learning value of a traditional summer school - only the subjects are robotics, electronics, and programming, with just the right amount of math and physics included where applicable. Designed to boost your child's technical knowledge, these project-based programs include a range of activities; from building a simple electronics schematic with Arduino, to working with cutting-edge devices, such as the HoloLens.


Our summer and winter programs are intensive learning courses with strong focus on robotics and software development (commonly known as "coding"). These programs are limited to eligible students only, who are invited via email, based on the following criteria:

  • Student is a current, active student at Great Minds Robotics, and has attended Enhanced Robotics or Programming classes consistently within the past 6 months.
  • Student programs in a text-based programming language during their regular classes at Great Minds Robotics, such as RobotC, C#, C++ or Java.
  • Student understands C-style syntax rules, such as the use of “curly braces”, command separation (“semicolons”), variable and function declarations, etc.
  • Student understands simple control flow commands in RobotC, C#, C++ or Java, such as loops (“for”, “while”, “do”), and conditional statements (“if”, “switch”).
  • Student understands basic variable types (“int”, “string”, “bool”, etc.), and proper usage of variables in their program.
  • Student is capable of writing a small “warm-up style” program, on their own, in RobotC, C/C++, C# or Java.

Each program may have additional prerequisites; see specific program details for more info:

  • RoboSynergy Programs - This is our entry-level summer/winter programs. Divided into several levels, it is a perfect starting point for a Great Minds Robotics student that is currently learning RobotC or entry-level C#.
  • Game Development Programs - If you spent about a year in our Programming Lab, and have built a few games in C#, these programs may be for you.
  • Web Development Programs - If you reached intermediate level in our Programming curriculum (for instance, completed a good portion of our Data Structures curriculum), you may be ready for these programs.
  • Advanced CS/CE Programs - Are you SOLID on OOP concepts? Generics are a breeze? Writing a LINQ query feels intuitive? Completed our Data Structures curriculum in C# and C++? Started on our Neural Networks curriculum? Check out our advanced programs.